"Tom is an incredible attorney. He represented my sister in her divorce from an extremely abusive man in a high conflict custody case. Tom's performance throughout the entire ordeal was top notch- he simply could not have been better- and my sister got everything she asked for. His knowledge of the law is immense, but more than that, he has unbelievable instincts.

Tom and his entire staff are superb, knowledgeable, helpful, understanding, and caring. Throughout this ordeal, we got to know all of them very well and were amazed at the lengths they to which they went to ensure my sister and her children were protected in every respect. I thank them all, from the bottom of my heart, and cannot recommend them highly enough."

"Tom turned what could have been a terrible situation into a much better one. I'll always be grateful. Tom knows and understands the family law judges, facilitators, and mental health professionals, and is an excellent litigator. He is very bright, with a fantastic ability to grasp complex situations and motivations. Special attention, responsiveness, and professionalism from his staff, too. Tom represented me against a high-conflict co-parent, and helped return stability for our child."

"Tom Wright represented me in a very difficult child custody case. He was professional and thorough. He explored every aspect of the case. I would highly recommend him."

"Tom Wright has represented me since 2011 in an ongoing divorce involving high conflict custody issues and complex financial/business issues involving business valuation and separate property tracing issues. He represented me in mediations as well as in court more times than I can count, including custody trials and protective order requests. Tom is straightforward, fair and honest. His advice and representation has been outstanding. Each court appearance has been successful, despite equally competent opposing counsel. Tom's paralegal is very knowledgeable, responsive, professional and wonderful to work with. I couldn't ask for a more dedicated, strong team to represent me. I am very thankful to have been referred to Tom by my original attorney who could not handle the high conflict case. I highly recommend the Law Firm of Thomas Wright."

Experienced Legal Services You Can Count On

During the many years, our office has been existence, our staff and attorneys have helped the client and listened to the client to help them choose the method of mediation or, if necessary, litigation, to formulate a plan that moves their case along expeditiously towards a final positive result. Any California resident who needs to negotiate a family law issue to its closure, will be the person we want to help. Our primary goal is to listen to everything our clients say and help the client prioritize their issues. Next, we facilitate realistic options for the client. Last, we provide acceptable methods for achieving the goals and objectives set by the client. The long-term experience and knowledge of our attorneys and staff also allows us to help more sophisticated business clients through the maze of a divorce to a positive conclusion. Our long-term experience and knowledge in highly contested custody matters also gives us a firm foundation in providing realistic options for clients and helping them achieve desired results. At Thomas Wright Law Offices, we develop legal strategies rooted in case precedent, an understanding of what the law allows, and a knowledge of how the courts and sitting judges view different kinds of cases. Our family law attorneys understand that winning a case is a result of thoughtful, targeted strategy, and positioning it properly for the court by underscoring and highlighting the right kinds of issues.